Morgan Classic MMA Gloves

Let’s fight with style using these exceptionally created Morgan MMA classic training gloves which are designed specifically with a single piece of latex inner foam and come with an extra layer of infused foam over the knuckle area which allows heavy summer fist. These gloves are shock absorbent and protect your hands during intense fights.

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If you are looking for fighting gloves that deliver quality, comfort, and protection at the same time, then choose these Morgan Classic MMA Gloves that are best for training and fighting.

Comes with an open palm design, these gloves allow you the best transition to submissions from ground and pound. The gloves are manufactured specifically for MMA fitness, MMA training as well as pad work. The MMA gloves also incorporated a 20cm wrist strapping system and the extra elasticated strip that offers wonderful wrist stability.


  • Manufactured from SUPER NYLEX MATERIAL
  • Features heavy padding over the knuckles area
  • Full open palm design
  • 20cm multi-point velcro strap
  • Excellent for fighting, training, and bag work.
  • Shock absorbent
  • Durable and long lasting product


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