Force USA Single Stirrup Handle

Despite the portable and compact design, this smart attachment is extremely important for any commercial or home gym setup. The Single Stirrup Handle easily hooks onto any kind of machine or could be used as an all-in-one trainer using a cable attachment. Moreover, the equipment also withstands some heaviest sessions.

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Force USA Single Stirrup Handle is manufactured with heavy-duty high tensile steel which makes it a very easy to use and comfortable spinning rubber handle. It allows you to do all the single-arm isolated lateral exercises, which also includes, tricep pulldowns, side raises as well as bicep curls.

So, just say goodbye to all the injuries, burns, or callus build-up and enhance your performance.


  • Comes with a carabiner loop attachment that offers quick, efficient, and smooth performance across all the single-arm cable exercises. It allows you to maximize technique as well as reduce the chance of injury.
  • It delivers extreme reliability, comfort, and durability, as the knurled rubber grip also minimizes all the burns or callus build-up on hands.
  • The equipment packs 195kg / 400lb of tensile strength into a Single Stirrup Handle that weighs 0.8kg.
  • Best for big single-arm workouts.


  • Tensile strength = 195kg / 400lb
  • Width =14cm
  • Height = 12.5cm
  • Product Weight = 0.8kg


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