Morgan Boxing Bag X Large Punch Bag

Want to put on your gloves and punch in your home? No worries, you can easily do this with Morgan Boxing Bag X Large Punch Bag which is one of the best bags designed to be used in a small space and is ideal for cardio fitness training. The product is reliable, flexible, durable, adjustable, and crafted from high-quality materials.

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Morgan Boxing Bag X Large Punch Bag is one of the most iconic pieces in your boxing training. It helps you improve your boxing skills and allow you to become a king of the ring within a short period.



Morgan boxing bag is 100cm in height, features 35 cm in width, and weighs approximately 32-35kg. The bag is perfect to use in your personal space as its dimensions are perfectly suitable for both smaller and bigger spaces.


This Morgan boxing bag is designed to improve your strength and power and enhance your boxing training within a few days. It also improves balance and stability, reduces stress, and builds endurance.


The boxing bag is made of the highest-quality materials such as 850D ripstop vinyl as well as four nylon hanging straps. It is also secured with powerful D rings so it can hold its overall weight. You will also find a stabilizing strap at the lower part which makes it great for home and commercial gyms. With proper care and maintenance, it lasts a lifetime.

  • Boxers
  • Bodybuilders
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Gym trainers
  • Home gym owners
  • A very versatile choice, used for boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and others.
  • These x-large bags are also called Heavy bags due to their 42cm diameter
  • Crafted from powerful 1200D rip stop vinyl material
  • Available in black, blue, and red colors.
  • Highly durable, flexible, adjustable, and reliable choice.
  • 4 x hanging straps
  • 1 x tie-down loop


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