JX Fitness JX-1600 Multi Gym

The JX-1600 Home Gym is your to-go machine for all your exercise needs. It is meant to fit into your home while taking up minimal space for maximum benefit.

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Two Sets of 70kgs Steel Weight Stacks
26pcs of 5kg plates
2pcs of 4kg plates
2pcs of 1kg plates
Each set of steel weight stacks have 13 levels of resistance
2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables
70x50x2.0mm and 60x60x2.0mm heavy-duty construction steel tubing
Deep seat and backrest padding
Durable powder coating finish
Multi-Station set up for
Power movements (chin-ups, knee raises, dips, push-ups)
Chest movements (press, fly)
Leg movements (Leg press, leg extension, ankle strap and cable)
Back movements (lat pull down, low rows)
Adjustable bench for bench exercises
Model: JX-1600
Weights: Two Sets 70kg Steel Weight Stack
Cables: 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables
Leg Press: 70kg total
Tube: 70x50x 2.0mm
Max user body weight: 120kgs
Assembly Size: 3070x2240x2240mm
G.W / N.W: 358.8kgs / 332kgs