JX Fitness JX-1300 Home Gym

Target all your major muscles and develop extra strength with this JX-1300 Home Gym which is designed for your home space. It caters to your all exercise needs.

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Perform all the right kinds of exercises using the right equipment. JX Fitness JX-1300 Home Gym is a versatile home gym training solution that is perfect for all body needs.


  • Comes with a multi-station setup
  • High-quality boxing bag, lat pull bar, and ankle strap
  • 148lbs vinyl weight stack (14pcs x 10lbs + 1pcs x 8lbs)
  • Aircraft-rated cables with maximum 2000lb tensile strength
  • 148 lb. weight stack


  • Weights =148lb (67kg) vinyl weight stack (14pcs x 10lbs + 1pcs x 8lbs)
  • Cables = 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables
  • Frame Construction: 70x50x1.5mm
  • User Weight =120kg
  • Dimensions =168cm (L) x 150cm (W) x 216cm (H)

Different Box sizes available:

  • BOX1:1830x640x180(mm)
  • BOX2: 1440x480x145(mm)
  • BOX3: 870x325x285(mm)
  • BOX4/BOX5: 375x335x190(mm)
  • Compatible with different weight stacks = No
  • Adjustable Seat = No


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