PTPFit Mediband Heavy (Orange)

The Heavy PTP MediBand is a Pilates-inspired flat band that is designed to develop your muscular strength and improve your functional movements. By allowing you to perform a range of exercises in multiple directions and at various angles, the MediBand can help you improve your motor-coordination and sports performance.

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Providing 8.8 kg worth of tension, this Heavy MediBand offers a great amount of challenge, focused on building muscle and bone mass. The exercises included have been carefully designed by a Pilates expert to target every muscle group in your body and prevent any muscle imbalances. Exercising with your MediBand can therefore contribute to injury prevention, making it a great tool if you have ever been suffering from common injuries affecting the shoulders, back or hamstrings. Despite being extremely compact and portable, the MediBand delivers great fitness results and will prove particularly useful if you are short on space or need to maintain your strength while travelling.

Ideal for functional training to improve sports performance & mobility and prevent injuries
For muscular strength, flexibility, posture correction and joint stabilisation.
Perfect for home, outdoor or travel use – to train anywhere, anytime
Over 40 exercises included for whole-body workouts and maximum results
Safe training solution to burn fat, improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis
Made from premium latex delivering progressive resistance | 15 x 150 cm
REHAB. Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.
POWER.. Whole body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.


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