PTPFit Hi-Speed Light Weight Speed Rope

Let’s perfect your double or triple unders using this PTPFit Hi-Speed Light Weight Speed Rope that helps take a cardiovascular workout to the next level while allowing you to achieve jump speed with the PTP Hi-Speed Rope. This is a simple to use and lightweight jump rope that allows fast wrist rotations.

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Using this PTPFit Hi-Speed Light Weight Speed Rope is very easy for every gym enthusiast. It features an aluminum cap through which you can customize the length according to your desired height and fitness level. Its handles are best for firm grip and smart wrist rotation.


  • The equipment works effectively for speed, efficiency, and agility.
  • It is ideal for double and triple unders as well as great cardiovascular health
  • PTP signature handles come with anodized aluminum as well as a non-slip surface
  • The inner cord can simply reinforce and prevent the rope from stretching
  • Anti-torque ball bearing along with coated steel cable built that aims to give speed and durability
  • You can cut it to every size that suits your personal height.


  • Whole-body conditioning
  • Delivers strength and movement.
  • Best for building muscles and burning fat.


  • Dimensions = 25 x 10 x 5
  • Weight = 0.2 kg


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