Morgan V2 Professional MMA Shin & Instep

The Morgan MMA professional shin and instep protectors provide maximum comfort, stability, support, and safety during training or workout so you can protect yourself from any injuries. It is made of an exclusive polymax enforced R32 inner foam complex that is responsible to provide excellent custom form-fit, power, and impact resistance.

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Comes with our signature phase 3 ATF grade Rexene outer covering offers exceptional support and flexibility as well as prolongs the life of the shin guards while performing some complex groundwork training.

The shin guards comprise high-quality elastic straps on top that offer a tight fit with a hook. It also features a loop cover that is designed to provide maximum comfort, stability, and safety. Due to this, you won’t move during training.


  • The equipment features a U-SHAPE stitching over the tendon area as well as soft and comfy pads on foot protectors that offer comfort and support.
  • It is manufactured of the best synthetic rubbers that are created by polymerization of chloroprene which is responsible to maintain flexibility.
  • Features elastic straps on the top area
  • Hook and loop cover
  • Best for trainers, players, and gym coaches.
  • Excellent equipment for protection against injuries.
  • Moisture-wicking lining for cool and dry workouts.


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