Morgan V2 Platinum Leather Sparring Gloves (10 -12 -14 -16oz)

Created from 100% Aniline leather, these Morgan platinum sparring boxing gloves are an excellent choice for your fighting and boxing needs. The surprising fact about these gloves it, it takes more than 3 hours of hand-stitching to create 1 single-hand glove which signifies that how many efforts the manufacturers have put into producing these sparring boxing gloves.

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The Morgan V2 Platinum Leather Sparring Gloves come with super flex palms as well as dual compressed inner latex padding that gives good and evenly distributed weight over your hands.

These gloves also come with hollowed-out inner hand compartments which ensures the long hand wraps can also be managed using these gloves. The platinum sparring glove is created specifically for high contact sparring. It protects both boxers as it features top-quality padding which ensures that the gloves can be used round after round.


  • 100% Aniline leather along with super flex palm material
  • Machine molded and has an updated narrow cut as well as a soft density latex inner foam
  • The padded palm that encourages deflecting punches
  • Increased inner hand compartment for managing 5m hand wraps
  • 3″ Velcro hook as well as loop wrist closure
  • Thumb attachment that reduces the likelihood of eye injury
  • Perfect sparring gloves for people who jump in the ring
  • Best for impact-resistant training as well as R.S.I sufferers


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