Morgan Small Parallete Bars (Pair)

Get more shoulder ability and perfect balance and control using the Morgan Small Parallete Bars that offer excellent strength exercise to your body and overall muscles. The product takes minimal space to install in your home or gym and have become great staples in every gymnastics training

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Our Morgan Parallette Bar is powerful equipment that can be used anywhere. To use this equipment perfectly, you just need some flat surfaces and then enjoy the feel of the commercial gym at home.

It suspends you above the ground and forces you to engage several muscles for stabilizing your body. As a  result, it builds effective strength and stability. And deliver great strength to your upper body muscles.


  • The equipment is manufactured from 38mm tube steel
  • Black powder-coated finished product that comes with a very rough grip texture
  • It can support more than 150kg in body weight
  • Best product for portable training
  • Ideal for both home and commercial gyms.


  • Dimensions are = 54 x 36cm
  • Unit height = 31cm


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