Morgan Plyometric Box Set of 3

The Morgan Plyometric Box is designed to offer a memorable, dynamic, and more powerful experience in doing various step exercises. The set is available with 3 different plyometric boxes of varying heights and sizes.

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The morgan 3pcs plyometric box set comes with dimensions of 1 x 12-inch, 1 x 18-inch, and 1 x 24-inch heights, and the plyometric box jump requires a stable and powerful movement by contracting your whole body muscles to raise the body off the floor as well as onto the box set.

The equipment doesn’t only improve your power, stability, and strength but it also burns a great number of calories when you do in higher sets. This offers a full-body and functional movement that engages all your fast-twitch muscle fibers in your lower body area and also requires the frequent use of the hips as well as utilization of various CrossFit workouts.


  • The equipment is made from square tubular steel construction along with welded frames
  • Comes with a greater grip landing surface
  • Can be packed easily
  • 3 high-quality boxes with varying heights and sizes
  • Best for body muscles
  • Ideal equipment for gym owners and trainers


  • 30cm (12″) platform = 33cm square landing surface
  • 45cm (18″) platform = 37cm square landing surface
  • 60cm (24″) platform = 41cm square landing surface


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