Morgan Cardio Cage Fitness Bag Mma

Whether you are looking for the best training tool for fighters, or just want to improve cardiovascular endurance, this Morgan Cardio Cage fit bag is a perfect pound bag designed to be used for all body needs and to build striking power. Filled with premium rags, this is all you need to target your major muscle groups.


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Morgan Cardio Cage Fitness Bag MMA is specifically created for cardio training classes. This 40 lbs heavy pounding bag features two side handles located on either side of the bag. The handles allow you to lift a bag easily the same way you lift a sandbag or a barbell.

You can experience easy transitions into dragging this bag, slamming the bag, raising the bag over the head, pounding the bag while laying on the floor, and just try any movement you want to do with functional training equipment.

It further features 950D ripstop vinyl as well as filled with high-quality premium rags in Australia that further ensure your pounding bag is strong, dense, evenly balanced, and powerful during the intense workout sessions.

  • Manufactured from 1200d ripstop vinyl
  • Filled with premium rags
  • Reinforced padded gripping handles
  • Best for ground and pound workouts
  • Allows easy drag and pound exercises
  • Ideal for cardio cage fitness
  • Help you in CrossFit workouts
  • You can pick, drop, and pound using this heavy bag
  • Measurements and dimensions = 1.2m (H) x 30cm
  • Brand = Morgan Sports
  • Widht = 40cm diameter
  • Length = 10 cm
  • Weight = 20kg ideal for men
  • 12kg best for woman
  • And 8kg is ideal for kids


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