Jumpsport Handlebar

The Jumpsport Handlebar offers great support, stability, and versatility during intense exercises. It comes with an Arched Leg Fitness Trampoline Exercise Handle Bar and is also available with arched legged Fitness Trampolines in 39″ Models.

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If you are looking for stable, safe, and secure equipment for upper body exercises and muscular strength, then do not look further than Jumpsport Handlebar which is designed to cater to all your fitness needs.


  • Comes with extra jumper stability
  • Offers enhanced safety and security
  • Best for all the upper-body workouts
  • Frame stability enables users to perform a range of exercises
  • Flush-fit and have an ultra-sturdy handle
  • Available with 6 adjustable height settings, such as 30”, 32”,34”, 36”, 38”, 40”
  • Padded handle for support and comfort
  • Wide legs offer excellent frame stability
  • Handle can be easily removed and attached for easy setup
  • Handle should be adjustable to 10 height settings: 20” – 40” above the mat


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