Jumpsport 350f

Jumpsport 350f is an all-in-one convenient solution for small spaces and perfect for home, studio, commercial, and apartment gyms. It comes with the benefits of the 350 model plus and also features a folding feature!

Designed to maximize your workout and best for every fitness need. It comes with a sturdy steel frame along with arch legs that offers protection against tipping.

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Best for upper body and all types of abdominal workouts, this 32.5” Jumpsport 350f with arched legs, and 3 easy-to-adjust firmness settings, is the best equipment that allows you to perform intense and commercial-quality workouts whenever you want.


  • Comes with premium bouncing. It also features an EnduroLast Elastic Cords which are advanced bungee cords and formulated to stretch 2x resting length than normal bungees that do not stretch more than 1.25x resting length. The experts used 55 ft or 66 ft of elastic cord on each trampoline, as compared to the cheap similar-sized competitor trampolines with 15 ft of bungee.
  • You can adjust and customize your bounce. The FlexBounc connectors and knotted elastic cords help users to tighten the jumping mat to their required firmness.
  • It is a storage genius equipment. Even some small spaces offer a great platform for a low-impact and high cardio workout. The legs can screw on & off for easy storage.
  • Now you can work out with confidence while adding more versatility to your fitness routine as the equipment comes with arched-legged trampolines as well as handlebar accessories. Its no-tip arched legs are reliable and safe, and enable users to stack various units in a high-end commercial setting.
  • Whether you want to do a low-impact workout or prefer highly intense exercises, the equipment is best to handle everything.
  • From simple adjustments to professional streaming video workouts, the manufacturers have made things easy so you can start bouncing and hit your fitness goals.


  • EnduroLast 3 elastic cords that are tried and tested to millions of bounces!
  • Comes with 30 different adjustable cords that allow 3 adjustable tension settings and enable changes to mat firmness for your desired bounce
  • Noiseless solution and wonderfully smooth and cushioned.
  • More than 40% reduction in impact than normal rebounders
  • Arched legs for support and stability as well as resist tipping for further comfort and safety
  • Commercial-grade construction, and has 16 gauge steel tubing for perfect durability
  • Comes with a 4-in-1 DVD that allows you to get started with cardio core and strengthening exercises
  • Weighs = 22 lb
  • Easy to move anywhere
  • The product can fold in half with six removable screw-on legs
  • Weight rating = 275 lb


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