Impulse Back Extension 200lb Stack

The Impulse Back Extension is a pin selectorized machine for working out Erector Spinae. The use can effectively work out the back muscle by adjusting the initial position and erecting the back backward after choosing the appropriate weight.

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Multiple footplates accommodate various users
Ergonomic back upholstery offers comfort
Ergonomically designed backrest offers ideal workout position.
Tube – Frame thickness is 3mm. The weight stack cage is with D-shape tube at size 95*81.1*3mm and racetrack tube at size 50*100*3mm which ensure ultra-durability and stability.
123.3cm (L) x 118.8cm (W) x 150.6cm (H)
Weight Stack: 91kg/106kg(160LBS/200LBS/235LBS/295LBS)
Optional Weight Stack: 72kg/134kg