Force USA Tactical Training Vest

Designed for durability and comfort allowing you to push your body to the limits with added weight training, the Force USA tactical training vest one of the most versatile training accessories currently on the market. With front and back slots the vest is designed to accommodate both 2kg, 4kg & 10kg weight plates.

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Superior engineered curved weight plates designed for comfort.
Enhanced comfort with adjustable side straps with front and back slots to accommodate small medium and large weight plates.
Abrasion-resistant coating.
Large airflow webbing for breathability during those long workouts.
Increase the load and carry up to 66lb (30kg) worth of weight plates!*
F-TACTICALVEST: 40cm(L) x 40cm(H) x 10cm(W)
F-VESTPLATE3: 29cm(L) x 25cm(H) x 0.4cm(W)
F-VESTPLATE8: 29cm(L) x 25cm(H) x 0.8cm(W)
Not to be used as body armour
Plate for use in Force USA Tactical vest only
Do not use a vest if torn or faulty
Make sure vest plates are fully secured inside force USA tactical vest before using
Force USA is not liable for plates sliding through the bottom of an unsecured or damaged Tactical Vest resulting in injury


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