Force USA Seated Calf Raise Machine

The Force USA Seated Calf Raise Machine combines a standing leg press machine and calf raise machine into a single compact unit which makes it a versatile solution for your training needs.

Equipped with high-grade SteelForce Structural Integrity and heavy-duty, DuraCore™ high-density foam padding which is wrapped in a rip-stop VorTex™ Upholstery, the equipment is ideal to take a pounding. Moreover, it also comes with a “Class A” rating and a Lifetime Structural Warranty. 

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Build your leg and calf muscles using this compact and versatile Force USA Seated Calf Raise Machine that allows you to do tons of exercises at home easily. Especially if you are designing your own home gym, this is the must-have equipment.


  • Comes with easily adjustable oversized pads
  • Pull pin that helps adjust height and distance
  • Laser-cut checker footplate that allows various start positions.
  • Knee pad for easy and accurate alignment during the workout
  • Standard and Olympic Weight plates with a weight plate adapter.
  • Built-in safety catches that can help add safety during intense exercises.
  • Sturdy, thick, and comfortable pads.
  • Durable and ergonomic construction that offers a safe workout and equipped with a maximum weight capacity of more than 350kgs
  • Top-quality bushings for ultra-smooth exercises.
  • Build rock-solid calves
  • This is the safe equipment that comes with quality DuraCore™ padding and can help build your muscles to the max.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Exceptional bracing for accurate body alignment during your exercises
  • Enjoy a comfortable workout with the strongest and most versatile Seated Calf Raise Machines.
  • Best for rehabilitation
  • Features SteelForce™ Structural Integrity with durable and high-quality heavy-gauge steel that supports tough exercises.
  • DuraCore™ High-Density Foam Padding
  • VorTex™ Upholstery is equipped with a rip-stop feature.
  • EcoCoat™ eco-friendly powder coating.
  • Sewn Seats are equipped with VorTex™ Upholstery and are more comfortable than vinyl seats.


  • Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) =130cm x 58cm x 98cm
  • Color = Silver
  • Sleeve length = 22cm


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