Force USA Ranger Barbell

Looking for the most heavy-duty barbells on the market? Designed specifically for Olympics training, these Force USA Ranger Barbell is the ultimate solution for your workout needs.

Comes with innovative features and precisional construction, it offers a lot of comfort and reliability during intense workout sessions. As it combines American design with manual handicrafts as well as quantum robotic technology, this is the favorite equipment for gym enthusiasts.

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Force USA Ranger Barbell is one of the most functional, versatile, and essential equipments for every gym that gives a stable grip and releases stress on your muscles. This is also a reason why people love this high-quality gym equipment.

Maybe they are small in diameter, but they offer exceptional workouts during your simple or advanced weight lifting workout.


  • The main usage of the equipment is Olympic weight lifting
  • High tensile strength of 170,000 PSI rating
  • High performing and accurate solution
  • Best for Olympic weight lifting workouts
  • Ideal for gym owners, bodybuilders, and weight lifters
  • Enhances your muscular strength
  • Delivers long term results


  • Static testing of the equipment = 1500lbs
  • Knurling width = 1.2
  • Knurling depth = 0.25-0.35 mm
  • Knurling angle = 60
  • Weight Tolerance = 1%
  • QTY bearing = 4
  • Shaft coating = black zinc
  • Grip diameter = 28mm
  • Bar weight = 20kg
  • Bar length = 2200mm


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