Force USA Functional Trainer

The Force USA Functional Trainer is an all-in-one solution for all your exercise needs. It is inclusive of chin-up bars, handles, straight bars, and curl bars. ****NOTE DOES NOT INCLUDE BARBELL AND WEIGHTS PICTURED****

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The trainers choice. Used by high-performance trainers, strength coaches, athletes and personal trainers.
Best-In-Class Force USA Functional Trainer Innovation. The next generation in Functional Trainer / Cable Crossover strength equipment.
Over 30 years of experience in cabled strength equipment. The Force USA Functional Trainer System is packed with the most up-to-date, innovative features.
Perform over 75+ different exercises. 22 height positions to perform Shoulder, Arms, Chest Back, Core and Legs exercises. Fluid cable movement via commercial grade pulleys. Includes cable attachments. A functional trainer/cable crossover packed with additional features.
The Functional Trainer includes a Straight Bar cable attachment. Eyelets at both ends enable both stacks to be engaged. Ideal for heavy bench press or squats.
Force USA Functional Trainer / Cable Crossover also includes a Curl Bar cable attachment. Can also engage both stacks. Ideal for curls, upright rows, tricep press / pushdown / extension.
2 x Padded Handle Strap cable attachments are included with the Force USA Functional Trainer. Attach one on each side and both on the same side to suit your intended movement.
An Ankle Cuff cable attachment comes with your Force USA Functional Trainer. Great for hip abduction/adduction and knee raises.
The pop-pin is positioned underneath the handle for convenient, quick and easy adjustment. Every component in the mechanism has precision finishing to ensure smooth movement.
The Force USA Functional Trainer cable movement is extremely smooth. Achieved by pulley and components positioning to work harmoniously. The cable glides within its track without popping out or rubbing.
The Force USA Functional Trainer includes a multi-grip chin up and pull up station. Ergonomic grip positioning for close-grip, wide-grip, underhand, overhand and varied movements.
Suspension trainer ring compatible with packages sold separately such as TRX® and others. Great for bodyweight functional training exercises.
2 x 90kg Weight stacks are included with the Force USA Functional Trainer / Cable Crossover. The FTS utilises a 2:1 ratio on its weight stack, this allows for a longer cable for power movements. The weight can be increased to 120kg on each side (240kg total) by adding the F-FTS-B-STACK option.
Stability has been enhanced with wide SteelForce tubing and angled framing. Each steel-plated end cap has an extended floor plate containing a hole so the Functional Trainer System can also be bolted to the floor.
Every component of the Force USA Functional Trainer is designed for strength and safety. Full-length mesh has been added to cover the weight stacks and moving parts for ultimate safety.
Extremely heavy gauge structured rolled steel tubing. Only the best grade steel is used in every component to ensure your Functional Trainer is the highest quality and built to last.
Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat followed by a clear coating. Durable and long-lasting protection.

Top of the line 6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cables tested to 2000lbs! Steel alloy thimbles end in machine sealed clamps for the ultimate and safest workout!

The Force USA Functional Trainer is purpose-built to be high enough for chin ups and shoulder exercises but also fit under the ceiling of the average home. A massive amount of strength training features packed into a small floor area.
Force USA American innovation and design. Superior quality; strength and stability. Train your way. Make sure it’s Force USA. The trusted name in strength equipment.
Convert your Cable crossover uprights into a power rack with the FTS-B-SPOTTER expansion. The kit includes 2x J-Hooks, 2x Safeties, 6x Weight Plate Holders, 2x Barbell Holders and 4x Band Pegs. The FTS uprights come with Westside hole spacing. Ideal positions when performing bench press, squats and overhead presses.

Expand your Function Trainer exercise range with the fully adjustable stabilizer bar and pad, F-STABILITYB. Ideal for isolated exercises. Also compatible with F-G3-BASE.
The F-SEAT can be attached to suitable positions on the FTS uprights. Fully adjustable knee holder height with quick and easy pop-pin. Ideal for lat pulldowns.
The FTS includes 2x 90kg Weight Stacks (180kg total). As the cable length was increased to allow for power movements, the ratio on the weight stacks is optional via 2x different length cables and pulley setups (both included). Allowing you to choose either a 2:1 or 4:1 cable ratio. To combat the lighter weight with the 4:1 cable option the FTS weight stacks can be boosted by a further 60kg (30kg each side) with the addition of the FTS-B-STACK option.

1x Force USA Functional Trainer
2x Padded Cable Handle Straps
1x Ankle Cuff
1x Straight Bar
1x Curl Bar

2:1, 4:1 Cable Ratio
2x 90kg Weight Stacks


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