Force USA Cable Cross Over Attachment For The F-FTS-Base

Force USA Cable Cross Over Attachment For The F-FTS-Base has been designed specifically to extend the Force USA Functional Trainer (F-FTS-BASE) to 2700mm. It offers the functionality of a full-blown cable crossover.

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Do you want to add various workout options to your FTS-BASE Functional Trainer? Use this Cable Crossover expansion through which the width can be extended to 2700mm.


  • The FTS with Cable Crossover attachment offers smooth cabled resistance across the whole exercise movement. The equipment is ideal for explosive training which also boosts your athleticism.
  • You need to adjust the cable crossover positions so you can suit the exercise that targets your specific muscles.
  • Bicep Curls, shoulder rotation, curls, Tricep Extensions, Shoulder Press, Chest X-Over, Reverse (Back) X-Over, and Core movements are easy to perform.
  • Minimize downtime during your training. You can switch from one exercise to another easily and quickly. You can also change your setup from an Inverted Row quickly to a Tricep Pushdown within seconds.
  • Circuit training sessions can be easily managed within the Force USA FTS with Cable Crossover.
  • The Force USA FTS with Cable Crossover is best for three people. Each upright that has a weight stack can be used individually while another trainer can use the chin-up bar.
  • The biggest advantage of a Vertical Leg Press is the support your body can receive throughout the whole session.
  • Your back can be completely relaxed when you are in a horizontal position.
  • The best grade steel has been used in each component which ensures that your Force USA G3 All-In-One Trainer is the best and long-lasting equipment.
  • EcoCoat Eco-friendly commercial grade powder coat with clear coating.
  • Modern innovation and design.
  • Powerful and stable.


  • 1x Chin Up Bar Crossbeam
  • 2x Upper Support Crossbeams
  • 1x Lower Support Crossbeam


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