Force USA 4FT Sling Safeties Pair

If you are looking for a safe and reliable solution to protect your body and equipment during heavy lifts, then Force USA 4FT Sling Safeties Pair is the best equipment to consider. 

It gives an advantage over the pin/pipe and flip-down safety systems, and a user can easily mount the ends of every strap hanger at various heights. It gives athletes an option of positioning the strap easily so that a barbell can roll safely away from them.

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The Force USA 4FT Sling Safeties Pair features a magnetized pin and post system. Due to this, it becomes easy to adjust the sling to multiple heights between sets. It’s recommended to use the equipment with the combination of box tube safties for more safety and support.


  • Mount the ends of each strap of the hanger at various heights.
  • Gives athletes an opportunity to position the strap
  • Manufactured with fully automated laser cutting as well as robotic welding technology.
  • Safe, reliable, and high-quality power rack
  • Best for both commercial gyms and home fitness studios.


  • Weight Rating: 450kg/1000lbs
  • 60 * 60mm uprights with 25mm hole diameter


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