Force USA 2FT Box Safety (Pair)

The Force USA 4FT Box Safety is a great upgrade from the Pin & Pipe safety.

This high-grade equipment is ideal to adjust inside the rack and comes with nylon covers for additional protection to the barbell. It is the most user-friendly safety for gym experts and trainers.

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Force USA 4FT Box Safety is a great solution for people who want to build muscular strength. It comes with some best-automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. According to manufacturers, the product is durable and built to last even after intense workouts.


  • The Force USA 4FT Box Safety is the best equipment that caters to J-Hooks on the MyRack, unlike some traditional products.
  • Available with nylon anti-abrasive cover for protection
  • Best solution for muscle strengthening
  • Excellent for gym enthusiasts and fitness experts


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